GNPS Vote Results

Great Neck Parent Community,

Great Neck has always had a lot to be proud of and now our children will know we are part of that pride. Complacency was quickly turned in the face of a defeat over the February 14th Bond Referendum, bringing forth a competitive energy to preserve our beloved schools....and we did!

Great Neck Public Schools Vote Results Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Proposition #1: GNPS Budget Vote Results: Yes: 6,772; No: 1,607; PASSED Proposition #2: GNPS Revised Bond Referendum: Yes: 6,299; No: 1,925; PASSED Proposition #3: GN Library Budget Vote Results: Yes: 5,894; No: 2,363; PASSED GNPS Board Trustee: Seat Held By Lawrence R. Gross: Jeffrey Shi: 6,055; Nikolas Kron: 1,908 GNPS Board Trustee: Seat Held By Susan Healy: Rebecca Sassouni: 6,884

We congratulate our new Board of Education Trustees Jeffrey Shi and Rebecca Sassouni, as well as bestow our gratitude to Nikolas Kron as he and all our candidates ran competitive campaigns championing support of the Budget and the Bond, which inevitably helped to assure the success of both. We look forward to building upon the record parent and community support as we seek new ways to maintain this intensity in all the areas we serve.

Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. - JFK

Congratulations and Thank you as you have all played an important part in this victory,

UPTC Executive Board

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