Shared Decision Making

Chairpersons: Amy Lai, Matt Jagoda, Dena Surks


Composed of the Shared Decision Making Committees in each school, this committee offers a unique opportunity for parents, teachers, administrators and students (at the secondary level) to work together to improve the educational performance of all students in our district.


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SDMC Year End​ Reports






Welcome to the Shared Decision Making Committee Home Page!

As you may know, every school in the Great Neck Public School District has a state mandated Shared Decision Making Committee. Please refer to the District Plan for School-Based Planning and Shared Decision Making for a more complete explanation.


The educational issues that may be addressed by our shared committees include: program evaluation, curriculum/curricular activities, student life, food services, facilities, building maintenance, assessment practices, safety and security, technology, home-school communication and environmental awareness and wellness. 













The UPTC Shared Decision Making Committee helps to organize training sessions as well as facilitate communication among the school-based Shared Decision Making Committees to identify and achieve common goals.

Goals that have been successfully achieved by our committees include:

  • establishing a Transition Manual for students going from elementary to middle school

  • a joint effort by the shared committees at North and South High Schools to update the district’s Technology Policy with the goal of loosening the internet filter and establishing school based student e-mail addresses

  • creating a comprehensive Healthy Snack / Food Allergy Guide

2016-17 Year End Report: Shared Decision Committee