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Baker School for Registered Voters North of LIRR

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The School Budget contains all of the revenues/expenses related to the normal day to day operations of the School District for the 2017-2018 school year.

  • The GN school district has cut over $5.1 million from the annual operating budgets over the past four years

  • Over 6.5 million of the budget provides services to the 69 private and non-public schools in the district

  • Great Neck is one of the few school districts on Long Island, that over the past decade, has seen an increase in student enrollment from 6,200 in 2008 to a projected 6,527 in 2017-2018.

  • The yearly school budget has increased on average 1.7% a year which is only slightly higher than the rate of inflation

  • If the budget is NOT passed then a revote will be scheduled for June and if the revote doesn't pass then an austerity budget will automatically be implemented that will significantly reduce existing school programs.  CLICK HERE to see programs that will be Dramatically impacted.


2017-2018 BUDGET


Did you know that we are currently coming off of a 20 year bond?  School Districts normally issue bonds to fund long term capital improvements.  It is financially more responsible and better management of taxpayer money to fund these projects through a bond.  The bond will be used to fund critical fixes to our school buildings and are necessary to protect the health and welfare of our students.  There is also an educational improvement component that will enhance STEM education in our schools.  Please note that the money for these projects will be borrowed over several years as projects are phased in.


There was a BOND referendum earlier this year on February 14, 2017 that failed to pass.  Information on the original bond can be found by CLICKING HERE.  Changes have been made to the original bond proposal as follows: 

  • Over $17.5 million was eliminated from the original Bond proposal by removing the proposed Cumberland Building addition, the proposed Pre-K at Clover Drive and reducing the scope of the E.M. Baker additions/renovations

  • Over $15 million of the revised bond will be paid for with $9.5 million from existing district reserve accounts and almost $6 million in state aid reimbursement



If the Bond Referendum does not pass, then the district will be forced to use money from the yearly school budget to address time critical building repairs.   This will result in drastic reductions to existing school programs.


Three Great Neck residents will be running for TWO Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education Trustee positions.   To view Video interviews with the candidates  - CLICK HERE.


Running for the Board seat currently held by Lawrence Gross will be (names are listed in the order in which petitions were returned): 

  • Nikolas Kron

  • Jeffrey Shi

Running for the Board seat currently held by Susan Healy will be (names are listed in the order in which petitions were returned):

  • Rebecca Sassouni


Many are concerned about the impact of this vote on property taxes and home values.   We all know that taxes are going up across all of Long Island and the school budget has an impact on the amount of increase.

  • Great Neck has one of the lowest differential school tax rates in Nassau County - Ranked #58 out of 62.  Syosset(similar in size) pays over 100% more.  Jericho(closest competitor) pays over 40% more.  CLICK HERE for rates

  • The excellence of the Great Neck Public Schools (Ranked #1 in NYS by NICHE.COM)  is one of the main reasons home sale prices continue to rise - 10% in 2016 according to Zillow and almost 60% increase between 2015-2017 according to REALTOR.COM

  • Did you know that homes in New Hyde Park zoned for Great Neck Schools are valued significantly higher than those that are not?  This is a clear indication that our school district is a valued commodity.

  • Every year for the last 6 years, the school district tax levy increase has been AT OR BELOW the State's Tax Cap limit while maintaining the excellent programs that make Great Neck one of the top ranked public schools in the state and country.

  • There are concerns that the BOND will add significantly to property taxes.  The estimated tax implication on a home that is ASSESSED(you home's assessed value is significantly lower than the fair market value) at $750,000 will be about $200.  CLICK HERE to view the ASSESSED VALUE OF YOUR HOME.  Since the money from the bond will be borrowed over several years you will not see a material change in the tax rates until 2020 and beyond.

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