UPTC History & Leadership

United Parent Teacher Council (“UPTC”) offers parents of the Great Neck Public School District the opportunity to work with teachers and school administration on issues affecting the education and welfare of their students. The UPTC serves as a coordinating body for all of the PTAs in order to identify common interests and achieve shared goals.


In November 1943 the UPTC was established by elected delegates of Great Neck's parent-teacher associations. They believed that regular meetings of PTA representatives and the Superintendent of Schools could benefit the PTAs, the school system itself and, more importantly, the education of children in the community. According to its Bylaws, UPTC aims "to provide a medium through which the thinking of representative members of the parent-teacher association of each school and of Special Education, of school administration and teachers may be brought to bear on Great Neck public school issues..."


UPTC has served as a clearinghouse for important and useful educational ideas, as a coordinating body for joint PTA action, and as a stimulus to local PTO and general community activities in the interests of better education.


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2021-2022 Executive Board


Rachel Doppelt, 646-789-3089

Matthew Jagoda, 516-570-2137 


Executive Vice Presidents

Linda Cheung, 917-566-7612

Pargol Khadavi, 516.532.0945


Vice President

Jason Gilbert, 917-536-3066

Julie Lam-Leong, 646-351-2399


Vice Presidents, Communications

Sharon Dickey, 516-662-5603

Michael Glickman, 212-320-9319


Vice Presidents, Presidents Council

Bill Groel, 516-298-6170

Bettina Segal, 516-721-3667



Kevin Sun, 808-295-9536



Moji Pourmoradi, 516-319-6199

2021-2022 Committee Chairs


Joshua Forst, 516-314-7653


Sharon Dickey, 516-662-5603

Computer Technology

Pargol Khadavi, 516-532-0945

Educational Enhancement/STEAM

Linda Galsim, 917-204-0150

Tina Kuo, 718-939-8085

Nadia Suter, 917-892-2874

Health Education

Harriet Picker, 917-826-0080


Lauren Yaghoubi, 516-647-1334


Michelle Ahdoot, 516-850-6424

Linda Cheung, 917-566-7612

Steve Cronin, 917-359-9765

Safety & Transportation

Joshua Forst, 516-314-7653

Moji Pourmoradi, 516-319-6199

Special Education PTA (SEPTA)

Bita Hendizadeh, 516-445-5493

Shaylie Khodadadi, 516-313-7129

Ron Kosinski, 516-857-2041

Shared Decision Making

Amy Lai, 718-552-5981

Total Community Involvement

Moji Pourmoradi, 516-319-6199

Kevin Sun, 808-295-9536